Sustainable industry

We will take on an important role in Norwegian society by contributing to safer, more efficient and greener transportation, all while creating a more sustainable industry through smart mobility.

Zero emissions

Zero queues

Zero fatalities


Test facility

The construction of a physical test facility for connected mobility is planned at Frigården in Stjørdal municipality.

The goal for the facility is to make Trøndelag and Norway a natural place for research, development, testing, verification and approval of autonomous transportation technology – particularly aimed at road transport.

All within a dense area, we offer

  • 1 Areas and services for CAV development, testing, verification and validation in Nordic conditions for L2-L5 vehicles in open and closed testing facilities.
  • 2 Open testing facility on dedicated stretches of public roads.
  • 3 Two closed testing facilities that meet UN/ECE regulations for L2-L5 vehicles.
  • 4 A vast CAV community consisting of R&D partners, technology companies and service providers. Possibility to upscale for full service and innovation development.
  • 5 A digital reconstruction of both open and closed testing facilities.
  • 6 Workshops, garages/storage and office spaces with a bustling community of engineers and researchers situated in close proximity to the testing facility.

Headed for the future

Trøndelag has rapidly changing weather conditions

Trøndelag has four seasons

Trøndelag can offer testing topology and a vast, varied road network in the region

The Trondheim region is considered one of the leading regions for technology innovation in Europe


What do we work towards?

We want major vehicle manufacturers and technology developers to discover Trøndelag and Norway. Not only as a pilot market for electric vehicles, but also as a location for testing, development and validation of connected and automated driving.

We want Trøndelag and Norway to take part, by making a positive difference, in the industrial development of modern road transportation – the road towards digitalization and automation to achieve seamless, safe and efficient transportation as well as accommodate for a quicker transition to sustainable options.

  • We want to mobilize research and innovation
  • More strategic collaboration
  • Make Trøndelag a testing and piloting arena for automation and autonomy
  • Electrification
  • Sharing models and seamless travel
  • Interactive intelligent transportation systems

We will be the world’s first facility to offer open and closed testing areas where you have access to all four seasons – year around. The facility utilizes renewable energy for its electric road technology (ERS). This makes the facility well suited for electric vehicles, inductive charging and ITS. The facility is designed for testing autonomous vehicles and autonomy in collaboration with automatic driver assistance functions in vehicles.